Top 7 Rabbit Hutch Selection Tips

Rabbits are cute, adorable and cuddly animals. However, they are very fragile and not everyone can keep them as pets. They need special care, which includes nutritious food and a clean shelter. In the subsequent sections, we present you seven rabbit hutch selection tips you should follow while getting your bunny a new home.

Best Rabbit Hutch Selection Tips

1. Size:

Rabbits need ample exercise. Without it, they lose muscle tone and gain extra pounds, which may lead to health-related problems in future. Therefore, hutch should be spacious enough to allow your pet to stretch itself comfortably. As a rule of thumb, the hutch should at least be four times the animal’s size. This can vary depending on your animal’s growth possibilities.

2. Flooring:

A solid floor keeps your rabbit healthy and comfortable. Don’t use wire mesh on the floor as it may cause pododermatitis, a painful condition characterized by the soreness of the animal’s legs. Also, ensure that the hutch has no sharp edges that may injure your pet.

3. Bedding:

This is perhaps the most important of all rabbit hutch selection tips. Bedding adds coziness to hard floor, making it habitable for your rabbits. Opt for a bedding made of cellulose or paper to keep the hutch dry. The bedding material should be a good absorbent, so you must avoid shredded papers although they are cheap. Pellets are excellent moisture absorbents, but they are too expensive. We discourage the use of pine and cedar beddings as they become smelly once the rabbit urinates on them. Also, they increase the risk of respiratory diseases.

4. Ventilation:

Your hutch needs plenty of aeration, so choose wired sides over solid ones. Ensure that the wire has no plastic covering or sharp edges that your rabbit can chew. The mesh spaces should be as tiny as possible to prevent the rabbits from getting stuck in them. Your pet hutch needs a door big enough to let you take out the rabbit comfortably.

5. Hutch’s Location:

If you are worrying about external predators, the hutch should be indoors. This also keeps your pets healthy by shielding them from parasites and harsh weather.

6. Food and Water Bowls:

We recommend using ceramic bowls for holding both food pellets and water. These bowls are easy to clean and heavy, so the rabbits cannot overturn them easily. The bowl’s size depends on the size of your rabbit. For young rabbits (and for small breeds), make sure to use small bowls. To enhance a rabbit’s digestion, you must regularly feed it hay and grass, but install a hay rack to prevent hay from mixing with the bedding material. Also, remember to provide an adequate amount of water to your rabbits.

7. Cleanliness:

You should keep the hutch as clean as possible to keep infectious diseases at bay. The bedding needs to be cleaned in regular intervals to prevent it from release foul smell. So, the bedding material must be easily washable.

A hutch is not just a cage to keep rabbits. It is your bunny’s home where it feels safe from dangers and predators like cats, dogs and rats. Following the above rabbit hutch selection tips should be sufficient to provide your pet a lovely home.